Sildar Hallwinter

Agent of the Lords' Alliance


He has multiple quests available to the heroes. 500g for driving off the threat at Cragmaw Castle, 200g for eliminating the Redbrand threat, and has asked the heroes to look into the disappearance of his contact Iarno Albrek. Iarno is also a member of the Lords’ Alliance and Sildar would like to seem either him safely returned if possible.


He has been sent by the Lords’ Alliance to Phandalin in order to assist Gundren Rockseeker in getting the mine of Phandelver operational. This will benefit the entire realm and thus is of great interest to the Lords’ Alliance.

He has taken over the title of “townmaster” in Phandalin after it was determined that Harbin Wester was incompetent.

Sildar Hallwinter

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