Rumor Mill

Daran Edermath at the apple orchard is an old adventurer.
Sister Garaele, the local priestess at the shrine of luck, went on a trip last week, but came back injured.

There is an emerald necklace in the abandoned town of Thundertree up north.  

If you are looking for a mine, there is a druid the lives near Thundertree that knows every inch of this area.

Quest Log.

1.  Defeat the orcs at Wyvern Tor to the east

— They have been raiding caravans from Triboar to the east.

— Sildar Hallwinter has offered a 100g reward for eliminating this threat.

2.  Rescue Gundren Rockseeker from Cragmaw Castle.

— The castle is 20 miles NE of the Goblin Cave.

— Sildar Hallwinter is offering 500g for driving off King Grol


Session 3

Killed Glasstaff and found Thel Dendrar's body, however, his family is still missing.

Defeated: Glasstaff, Nothic, 4 bandits (262xp each)

Rewards: Silver gauntlets(unidentified), Staff(unidentified), ~100g each, 3 scrolls(Auguary, Fireball, Charm Person)

Session 2

Cleared the Goblin Cave, discovered the location of Cragmaw Castle, and Rescued Sildar Hallwinter

Defeated: 10 Goblins, 1 Bugbear, 1 Wolf (200xp)

Rewards: ~60g loot, 50g reward for delivering Lionshield supplies, 50g reward for saving Sildar

Session 1

Enemies Defeated: 5 goblins and 1 wolf slain.  1 goblin and 2 wolves taken prisoner.
Accomplished: Caravan safely delivered to Barthen's Provisions(10g each)

Rewards: 10g and 125xp each.


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